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They are reproductions from antique salvaged pieces and come unfinished. They are interesting because they can be used in the traditional sense for support of shelves, kitchen cabinets or as interest as a focal point. They add an element of architectural flare to a room. As accents pieces, they can hold up frames, candles and nick-knacks. People often buy them and then find a place for them in their homes. We import hundreds each year and find our prices compare quite favorably. Our $45 corbel sells for $150 elsewhere.

United House Wrecking offers an exclusive line of wooden corbels. Each corbel is hand carved from solid mahogany. Our corbels are all original styles based on traditional antique corbels that we have reproduced staying true to the last detail. If you are looking for corbels that provide both elegance and value begin with United House Wrecking's corbel collection.